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'We've had enough!'

"THEY'VE ripped the heart out of the community!"

"THEY'VE ripped the heart out of the community!"

That's the view of residents battling to live normal lives in the heart of the regeneration area in north Solihull.

Faced with mounting daily rubbish and arson attacks on empty properties, tenants claim someone will be killed if the near derelict area is not tackled.

Carol Hayden witnessed a shed fire in Greenfinch Road earlier this week which spread so rapidly that the house opposite - with a young family inside- also briefly caught fire.

The 59-year-old who lives in nearby Heather Close said: "The kids are having a

field day with all these boarded up properties. They are on holidays for the next six weeks - what are they going to do? I have lived in my house for 33 years and never ever seen anything like this."

Chairman of the residents association, Malcolm Cullen agreed. "It's causing anti-social behaviour. I've been on this estate for forty years and we've not had this before. There's looting - kids trying to get the copper pipes and there's fires and damage everywhere. We've got the school holidays coming, if this stuff isn't cleared up then it will cost peoples lives. This area has been neglected so people have got no respect but the regeneration people are not heeding what we are saying."..SUPL:



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