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What a waste

I TOTALLY agree with the sentiments in the letter from Lisa Greaves on July 2 relating to domestic waste collections.

I TOTALLY agree with the sentiments in the letter from Lisa Greaves on July 2 relating to domestic waste collections.

It seems that Councillor Tim Hodgson needs an appearance in the press every week, and patronising Solihull residents is the way he achieves it. His approach for dealing with extra waste, which any household can generate at any time, is to tag it, send a council official to check it has been removed, then a further official waving a yellow card and armed with a pre-prepared lecture on waste minimisation and recycling.

He seems to forget that Solihull has an obligation for the safe disposal of all waste and that the council enters into a binding contract with the householder when it takes our council tax.

Why don’t they just get on with removing it and not find reasons for doing the opposite.

In the final analysis they will have to remove the waste whether classed as extra or in the wrong colour plastic bag.

John Mendus MBE

Leafield Road, Solihull


Just face it

REGARDING the stolen wheelie bin (letters) Dear Janine Seal,

I’M sorry to hear that your wheelie bin was stolen; I totally agree it is a selfish inconsiderate action and absolutely despicable. Imagine you buy a television at a local shop today and tomorrow it is stolen. Would you go back to the shop and demand a replacement for free?

I am confident that you would not be surprised at all if told that you have to pay for the replacement.

With retailers this is accepted business practice. I don’t see why purchasing public services should be any different.

Michaela M via e-mail



WHEN services change the first question to ask is have you got the message out and when there is doubt common sense should prevail. On the week the refuse collection service changed it soon became obvious that the message had not been heard by all.

In his letter of June 18 the Cabinet member for the Environment only addresses the issue of side waste left by wheelie bins. He doesn’t seem to be aware of the problem faced by many, who do not get wheelie bins but purple bags to replace the black bags they used to use.

During the week of the change people who still had black bags used them and put them out with the purple variety. The purple bags were collected but the black bags were left, in hot weather with soiled nappies and food waste littering the streets. Clearly the message hadn’t got through. Only when the spectre of a public health issue was raised did the service finally relent. The lesson is, if there is a next time please let common sense prevail.

Councillor Bob Sleigh

Bickenhill Ward


Total betrayal

In Lorely Burt’s column in your publication, entitled “More pain is yet to come.” she states that Labour have never said where their knife will fall, if they regained power.

We know now where her knife has fallen. It has fallen in the backs of everyone, including myself, who voted for her under the belief of her constant election promise, that only she could keep the Tories out.

I have never felt so badly betrayed and misled by any politician before, and that includes Tony Blair.

Ex Lib-dem voter


Planting again

On behalf of Bickenhill Parish Council and the residents of Marston Green may we thank Solihull MBC for agreeing to return the planters in Station Road which were removed last month as part of the cost cutting exercise by the borough council?

The parish council made the decision to take responsibility for the future maintenance of the planters and we once again look forward to the floral enhancement these have always brought to our village.

Linda Poulson, Bickenhill

Parish Council



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