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LOCALS enjoying the sun in leafy Knowle Park had a bit of a shock this week.

LOCALS enjoying the sun in leafy Knowle Park had a bit of a shock this week.

On Monday afternoon visitors spotted a large cow (some say it was a young bull) roaming around the grass. While some worried mums found shelter in the park’s play area, other visitors took out their mobile phones and started taking photos.

But the animal didn’t seem phased by the attention and one eyewitness said that the creature seemed rather docile.

Five officers from Solihull Police Station and a local farmer were called to the scene and the animal was led away.

Neil Cameron, one of Solihull Council’s park rangers, said: “When I first took the call, I thought it was a wind up but then I got to the park and saw a crowd of people taking pictures on their mobile phones.

“When I saw that in fact they were taking pictures of a huge cow lying under a tree, I knew it was going to be an interesting afternoon. In the seven years I’ve worked here I have never come across anything quite like this.”

But the mystery remains about how the animal got into the field. The farmer who led it away inspected a tag on its ear and believes it came from a farm in the Dickens Heath area. How did the intrepid bovine travel all those miles - presumably crossing the M42 en route?

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Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
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Multimedia Journalist
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