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SAINSBURY’S needs Dorridge. They have invested £18 million in its acquisition.

SAINSBURY’S needs Dorridge. They have invested £18 million in its acquisition. They know how many customers per day they need and how many square metres to accommodate them, so that their investment pays off. The £18m equates with the over-large store they propose, and their insistence on the ‘weekly shop’ theme.

Whether Dorridge needs Sainsbury’s is more debatable. There are some very considerable disadvantages for residents. They don’t want increased noise, traffic pollution and hazard. Living outside the Birmingham/Solihull conurbations, residents are grateful for a quiet and green environment.

Most residents would really love a smallish smart supermarket run by experts like Sainsbury’s. So why not play the gentleman, Sainsbury’s, and give them just that. Selling the remainder of this prime site would surely be an easy task.

Dorridge resident


Tax collector

Mr Squire (Letters) is not alone in commenting on the supermarket applications that have divided opinion in Knowle and Dorridge but he makes two assumptions that give a false impression of the council’s position.

Firstly, councils have no powers to stop plans being put forward. Developers have a legal right to submit planning applications which must then be considered by the quasi-judicial local planning committee within a set period and determined in accordance with national planning policy guidelines.

Secondly, business rates are not a ‘nice little earner’ for the council as we merely collect them on behalf of central government and the money does not go into local coffers.

Indeed if Solihull was able to retain the business rates it collects on behalf of the Treasury then we could probably reduce council tax significantly and have money to invest in additional services.

Ken Meeson, Leader of Council


Not so super

READING the letter from M Squire re-Waitrose supermarket opening in Knowle. I can understand the frustration of the writer.

I am a Shirley resident and I am sure it’s common knowledge that Asda applied for permission to build a store there but one of the refusal reasons was because another supermarket was not required due to two Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, etc all in a short distance.

However, a 24 hour supermarket has been allowed to open within a few yards of one Tesco store and the M & S Food Store. One has to ask why?

W Palmer, Sandfield Close, Shirley


Another one

RESIDENTS around the Parade in Haslucks Green Road, Shirley have received a letter from Sainsbury’s informing us that they propose to build a convenience store on the site of no 349 on the Parade.

We already have two convenience stores in a row of only 11 shops and receive very good service from both, why would we need a third one, again its the big supermarkets trying to close down the small shops.

We already have parking problems in the area thanks to drivers taking the train or working in the nearby factories. There is no access to deliver to the rear of no 349 so deliveries will have to be made off the main Haslucks Green Road after 7am. Are Solihull Council aware of this proposal?

Derek Hanson, Sansome Road, Shirley


Put us first

I AM not a politician, nor would I want to be one, but I do have a small degree of concern for my country. So please would someone explain why this government insists on giving millions to Asian countries to support their schools when a great many of our own are crumbling and running with damp? Surely our own children should come first!

Barbara Roberts, Barn Lane, Solihull



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