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LUKE was homeless when he first came into contact with Bromford Support.

LUKE was homeless when he first came into contact with Bromford Support.

“I was living on my mate’s couch when his support worker came round, he told him off, ‘cos I shouldn’t have been there, but he told me they might be able to help.”

In September last year, after time living in support housing, Luke has his own flat, thanks to work of Bromford Support. However their help didn’t stop there, Bromford also helped Luke apply for grants to buy furniture, and as he puts it “help me stay on top of things”, helping him manage his finances so he has money for food and other essentials.

His appreciation of the help he has been given is evident in his plans for the future. He wants to become a support worker himself. In September he hopes to enroll at college, working part-time to support himself.

“It’s down to Matt [Luke’s support worker] and Helen [Helen Spiller, manager at Bromford Support] that I’ve got my own place - they’ve been great,” Luke says.

Helen and her team cover a lot of bases. They act as landlords for people who need it most, people like Luke who was homeless, but also people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, young and single parents and anyone needs a little help in the right direction.

Bromford Support also go beyond just being landlords however. “We help maintain their tenancy agreements, help with money management, access to community facilities, access employment and generally do a lot of signposting,” Helen says.

“It’s about keeping people independent and in their own homes.”

There is a lack of Local Authority housing in Solihull, which makes the work Bromford Support do all the harder. “If we could build 10 more schemes in Solihull we could fill them overnight,” Helen says.

A more immediate issue that could more easily be resolved is spreading the word of what Bromford Support can offer. “It’s amazing how you come across people and agencies that still haven’t heard of you, and we need more awareness about what we do,” Helen says.

The nature of Bromford Support is such that deal with a variety of people and groups, and the more people who know the good work they, the better.

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