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Wider spaces

THE FUSS over parent and baby spaces never ceases to amaze me.

THE FUSS over parent and baby spaces never ceases to amaze me. Comments made on the Letters Page (January 15) suggesting that they should be sited further away to prevent obesity really made me smile. Since obesity is affecting ALL ages and walks of life surely that reason is a bit of a red herring. We could all do with a bit more exercise so really the underlying grumble is that the person complaining is unhappy that THEY now have to walk further. That could be the same laziness accusation that’s levelled at parents who dare to use these spaces?

I would suggest those complaining should try lugging a 19lb baby (plus their car seat and it’s associated weight) any distance. It’s back breaking at the best of times and even harder when having an older toddler/pre-schooler in tow.

If the appropriate trolleys for use with these car seats/toddlers were kept next to the parent and child spaces then you could place the wider spaces anywhere you like. However if the trolley’s are kept close to the store to prevent theft then this idea is never going to take flight.

I am not advocating an upper age limit of 12 years for these spaces but I suspect that Sainsbury’s have chosen this age as it is normally between ages 10-12 that older children fulfil the 5 Step Test to determine that they no longer need a car seat/booster seat thereby negating the need for a wider space.

Mrs J Guiney,
mother of two young children and a Sainsbury’s shopper



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