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Workers day

So Lorely Burt visited the Hindus Teachers day event and now feels that teachers should have their own day and they deserve the six weeks summer holiday.

So Lorely Burt visited the Hindus Teachers day event and now feels that teachers should have their own day and they deserve the six weeks summer holiday.

Perhaps Lorely you would like to visit the hospitals and have a look at how hard our doctors and nurses work... we could have a day for the nurses and another day for the doctors. Yes they also deserve six weeks summer holiday if anyone does and whilst we are at it ,how about for the police and dentists, plumbers, gas engineers, fire people, ambulance crews, etc, etc.

May I recommend you try and do something constructive with your time and earn you money....perhaps looking into how many people working for Solihull council are getting higher wages than the Prime Minister and then telling us just what you are going to do about it.

KT via e-mail


Wider issues

REGARDING: Your Caroline Spelman article in Solihull News dated 30-7-10.

Caroline Spelman does not appear to have considered the wider issues of the Burka which is provocative, disrespectful, sinister and offensive to the majority of people in this country and hides their identity, just as ‘hoodies’ do for the criminal element of our society.

How would she feel about people dressing in the style of the Klu Klux Klan or would she treat that as a fashion statement also? Her wishes appear to serve an ethnic minority group and not the majority of people who have voted for her in the past so I cannot respect her judgement any longer.

Our country should not tolerate any person that hides their identity and Philip Hollobone MP for Kettering, should be commended for his efforts in protecting our human rights for a safe and respectful society.

P Thorp (Solihull)


Cleaned up

LAST time I went to Knowle Park with my grandad I got a bit disappointed because some people or someone had drawn some unpleasant pictures and writing on the play equipment.

My grandad spoke to Solihull Council and asked the pictures and words be removed.

I have been back to Knowle Park and I am really happy that it has gone. Thank you Solihull Council.

The people or person who did it please don’t do it again.

Abigail King, aged 8



Keep the ban

MY wife and I are supporters of RSPCA, PDSA and IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). All of whom strongly condemn Tory/Lib Dem Cabinet proposal to repeal the massively popular Labour/Lib created Hunting Ban Bill which prevents a return to needless cruelty.

Despite scares from an influential hard nosed minority, new harmless legal Drag Hunting riding clubs all still prosper. No jobs have been lost, nor any horses or dogs needed to be destroyed. Even here charities have often found them homes to grow old in peace, equally as we think right for old people.

This ‘sport’ of killing and wounding foxes, deer, hare and mink was despicably anti-social. Since the Bill became law there have been more than 100 successful prosecutions for irresponsible non-compliance, 75 per cent of public support fox hunting ban.

We have thus sent copies of this letter to our two local MPs. Lorely Burt and Caroline Spelman, asking them to vote NO for a free vote on repeal, thus supporting publics humane attitude. To his credit former Tory MP John Taylor always opposed fox hunting.

Don & Joyce Bargery

Alston Road, Solihull


A little lure

A few years ago my mother lost her parakeet. It was seen on the roof of Solihull Hospital and we were kindly notified by a Porter at the hospital that he was causing much amusement. I went along with the birds cage, food and water, and sure enough there he was running along the rooftop eyeing me with great interest.

I put his cage in the centre of the quadrangle and quick as a flash he flew down and went into his cage, starving of course. I ran and shut the door of the cage, Goch ye ! so easy.

Perhaps the residents of Lyndon Road could try this approach. Good Luck!

Janet Parker

Catherine de Barnes


Camera plea

I believe I have lost my digital camera in or around the Shirley Sainsbury’s store on August 1, 2010.

It is a black Panasonic FS9 digital camera and was a birthday present from my husband. I am desperate to get it back, or at least the memory card, as it contains pictures from our family summer holiday. I have checked with Sainsbury’s and nothing has been handed in. If anyone has found it then please contact the newspaper for my details.

Caroline Broome via e-mail


Wonderful sum

The Solihull and District Branch of the MS Society would like to thank everyone who contributed to the street collection in Mell Square and Dovehouse Parade on 17 July 2010. I would particularly like to thank the people who put a total of £57.13 in my tin at Dovehouse Parade.

A total of £1,224.30, a wonderful sum, was raised and this will enable the MS Society to continue to provide support for all who are affected by MS, including families, friends and carers.

Sandra Hoskin




TO the kind gentleman who found my ipod. Thank you so very much for your kindness and honesty in handing it in to Solihull police station. I very greatly appreciate it as I was utterly devastated by the loss.

Hannah, Solihull



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