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Working for all

I suspect the majority of residents in Dorridge would agree that life would be so much better for us if Sainsbury’s gave us a foodstore in Forest Court .

I suspect the majority of residents in Dorridge would agree that life would be so much better for us if Sainsbury’s gave us a foodstore in Forest Court . Not only a store but also an improved surgery, premises for independent shops, a café and a convenient car-park and thereby solve a whole lot of problems by obliterating the eyesore that is Forest Court at the moment.

There are letters supporting these plans and residents saying that Dorridge Residents Opposed to Village Superstore (Drovs) are trying to stop Sainsbury’s completely and, potentially risk destroying the opportunity to have an extended and refurbished doctors’ surgery! Why?

Could it just be that the true cost of this redevelopment is being obscured by the glossy picture painted by Sainsbury’s who want to place their very large store in heart of our village?

A store this size will generate a serious increase in the amount of traffic on our already overcrowded roads; lorries will be supplying the store several times a day and customers won’t always find parking spaces as these are insufficient for the needs of the site.

We do want Sainsbury’s but the current plans indicate that the store is too big.

Drovs are offering plans for a smaller alternative and they are at least looking to find solutions for the long-term benefit of the community. This is more than can be said of those looking purely to profit financially or suit their own convenience. It’s not only Sainsbury’s who want us to ‘try something new’ - so do Drovs!

Lynn Lawrenson, Dorridge Resident


The alternative

So, if the Nimby Drovs (or Drots) get their way, what is the alternative?

The precinct lumbers on, crumbling away, perhaps with new shops - Poundland, Discount Booze, Scooters-for-U and numerous charity shops?

We believe the traffic arguments are ill-founded - nobody within a five mile radius is going to drive to Dorridge when a larger and superior Sainsbury’s is just down the road in Shirley. Now if it was to be a Waitrose then the residents would really need to worry about traffic !

Geoff & Val Becque, by e-mail


Litter bugs

Can I please bring to the attention of parents who provide their teenagers with money daily to buy sausage/bacon sandwiches from the butcher or the new Station Eatery in Haslucks Green Road which are both open around 7.30 am, to stop throwing their paper bags etc. on the pavement in Sansome Road/Loxley Avenue when they have finished eating.

This is an ongoing problem and many people like myself are constantly picking up this rubbish daily.

Can I just ask that parents remind their kids that the road/pavement is not the place to throw their litter and can I ask this to be brought up in assembly at Light Hall School as these teenagers are on their way there!

Fed Up Local Resident


Hitting the buffers

HavE just returned from the Birmingham HS2 meeting where the anti lobby had a hard time - upgrade existing lines the anti mob keep saying even though the suggestion has been investigated and rejected.

The antis then claim HS2 will take funding away from existing rail - well the Government have supported big electrification schemes in the north west, two tracking for two rural; lines Crossrail, Thameslink, Reading /New St stations and various tram extensions. Hardly starving the existing system of funds.

Greenguage21 have published a report illustrating the massive improvements to WCML services made possible with capacity released by HS2. To find out more visit

The anti ‘upgrade’ will require four tracks through densely populated area along the Coventry and Birmingham rail line. It will require immense disruption and the demolition of hundreds more homes/factories than required by HS2 when two more platforms will have to be added to Coventry, Tile Hill Canley, Berkswell (should be renamed Balsall Common) Hampton in Arden, International? Marston Green, Lea Hall, Stechford, and Adderley Park.

HHAG &Co are noticeably reticent about this aspect of their ‘upgrade’ proposal but then it’s the homes of ‘ordinary people’.

To top it all there is never the mention that HS2 provides capacity relief to the WCML ECML and the MML especially with its northern ‘Y’ extensions north and south of Birmingham, Derby, Peterborough inter urban and suburban rail networks.

H. T. Harvey, B91



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