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Worst fears

Last Saturday, when HHAG staged its HS2 exhibition in Chelmesley Wood, residents confirmed our worst fears about its likely impact.

Last Saturday, when HHAG staged its HS2 exhibition in Chelmesley Wood, residents confirmed our worst fears about its likely impact.

The Government is pushing on with this greenfield railway scheme, and the grim reality is that those with the least green space will be the biggest losers.

Yes, the planners have tried to avoid demolishing houses, but they’ve carved straight through the only recreation and amenity spaces amid high-density housing and encircling motorways.

On top of this, the residents have no confidence the project will do anything for them in terms of job creation or travel options - they’ve heard it all before.

Opinions in Chelmesley Wood are exactly the same as those of others along the route from Camden, through the Chilterns and Warwickshire, and on through Solihull and Staffordshire.

The costs - taxation, environmental damage, reduced local services, and loss of amenity - are simply disproportionate to any conceivable benefit - regeneration, the north-south divide, and the wider economy.

Richard Lloyd, Chairman

Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group ( )


Low tactics

I notice in letters March 18 HTH has used my name in one of his repeat performances supporting HS2, it is not at all clear why. Is it because I shared a rail journey experience with readers?

During a one hour wait at Coventry station I observed two Pendolinos to Birmingham half empty due to the mainly empty first class coaches.

Perhaps HTH would have preferred me to say that the trains were fully utilised by ignoring the status of the first class carriages all together. However, it seems to me that more capacity could be found if the first class carriages diminished and all travellers were able to spread throughout the train.

A Chamber of Commerce President called all those against HS2 ‘Nimbys’ as has Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond. The facts show the accusation is far from the truth.

For the incumbent in a respected position having to drop to this level not only damages the case for HS2 but the credibility of the organisation also.

Peter Bray via e-mail


Man-made woe

I AGREE with P Thomas (by the way I am Mrs not Mr to put the records straight) that all the troubles in the world are man made, but he/she seems to believe his/her god loves all regardless.

M Bealey also says humans choose to be evil, which is very true but the dreadful thing is that some people do and they shouldn’t be allowed the title of human.

As I have said before you do not have to be religious or believe in some ‘super human being’ to be a good person.

The old saying ‘handsome is as handsome does’ has nothing to do with what you do, or don’t believe, because actions speak louder than words.

J Greaves, Stonor Road, Hall Green


A ticket too far

£4 to go into Blakesley Hall or Sarehole Mill - has Birmingham City Council lost its mind?

To go into either of these historic buildings, the most you are going to be there is half an hour, and that’s if you’ve taken a picnic, and you will only catch the tourist once who will soon be telling their friends it’s a rip off.

These entrance prices will do more damage to our heritage than help it and I could understand if the council asked for volunteers to act as guides, and even in the maintainace but to charge £4 that would probally equate to £20 for a family - it’s sheer madness.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood



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