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Wrong question

I LOOKED at the planning documents for the Waitrose development in Knowle.

I LOOKED at the planning documents for the Waitrose development in Knowle.

It was my impression that the developers were looking at residents living within two kilometres as the primary users of the store. I assume they were hoping these customers would walk, cycle or use the bus, thus improving the customers own eco credentials.

If these forms of travel were used then parking becomes less of an issue. In the same way, if the store employs local people, they would also walk, cycle, or bus into work. My estimate using Google Maps for Hall Green Waitrose store shows less than 90 parking spaces.

I wonder what proportion of the 1,200 people surveyed by councillor Potts (Letters) currently use Knowle town for their main food shop? My perception is that many will drive to Solihull, Shirley or Monkspath. I think a question to pose would be: if there was a Waitrose store would more people shop locally and therefore would the other town shops and facilities benefit?

Mary Hart via e-mail


No bad thing

IT appears that an organised weekly ‘drip feed’ of anti-Waitrose letters has been organised. If I am correct I would ask that they cease this activity.

The matter of the Waitrose store has been discussed at a somewhat unrepresentative public meeting (75 per cent were of bus-pass age), time was given for representation to the Council, now let us await their decision.

I think that the only shop in jeopardy is Tescos, and as they also own One-Stop and therefore control over 90 per cent of the products sold in Knowle, that may be no bad thing.

Douglas W Freeman

Starbold Crescent, Knowle


Clean it up please

I’D like to thank the three youths who were walking the huge dog passed my house, Tuesday evening and allowed it to mess outside and carried on walking past. I choose not to have cats and dogs for that very reason because I hate cleaning mess up. On the positive side at least the animal was being walked.


Newborough Rd, Shirley


Wrong policy

BIRMINGHAM Airport is very well run, the problem is that it’s not for the benefit of the customers.

Local authorities, who own a big share in BHX, do not understand the concept of customer service or free market forces, this is why they set about Coventry and the potential Rugby airport as free competition may have been introduced.

Once competition had been stifled, BHX set about investing in revenue earners like retail space and alleged ‘security drop-off charges’. Ten years of expansion at the airport has seen retail, parking and hotels as the priority, with baggage and immigration the last.

Likewise, the airport now wants to spend millions on extending a runway so they can run empty aircraft to Los Angeles or Shanghai. If Birmingham could fill aircraft to these destinations, why are airlines like Etihad, Qatar Airways or United not already beating their way to their door?

They cannot fill aircraft to Newark whilst BA and US flights to America have proved unviable. The answer is simple, Birmingham Airport is too close to London and Manchester and whilst the management delude themselves, passengers get mis-treated.

Bear in mind that these local authorities are the very same organisations that cannot collect your rubbish more than once a fortnight, meanwhile the destinations they aspire to serve can do it nightly!

IM Smith

Monkspath, Solihull


Academy fear

IF Arden School proceeds with its academy plan and independence from the Council, who will it be accountable to? No-one, it would seem from the letter sent to parents. This advises that there will be an ‘information afternoon for parents and community’. This is unacceptable. There should be full consultation with us. We are the school’s major stakeholder.

If the Governing Board sees no necessity to consult on such a fundamental issue as conversion to an Academy, that indicates that they would do their own thing on almost any matter. The Governors are appointed to represent the School’s stakeholders. How can they, when they have not asked us what we think?

Conversion to an Academy might be the right thing for Arden, but that should be decided by an open, consultative process not a by cabal who simply tell us how it is going to be. Once again, as with the mobile classroom and cycling to school fiascos, this school shows no inclination to listen to the people it is supposed to serve.

A Jones

Station Road, Knowle



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