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A caring man

A caring man

I WISH to redress the balance on the recent comments regarding the surgeon Mr Ian Paterson - whom I found to be a dedicated, and considerate professional, who tries to his best by his patients.

His caring manner reassures the worried patient, and his on-going care are a tribute to his profession.

I consider that his actions in trying to leave as much breast tissue as possible when removing a tumour, shows his concern for the patient’s wellbeing and self esteem.

Until his actions are reviewed by his peers, we – the public - should not pre-judge the issue. The advice sent out to the patients to continue to be checked is just precautionary – and should be considered so.

It should not be condemnation of Mr Paterson’s endeavours.

As one of his patients, I have only admiration for the care and consideration for what he, and his team gave for me. They stemmed my fears of cancer, and supported me through all the process of removing the tumour and through the follow-up care. I will always be grateful.

To be advised that “there might be an on-going risk”, is really something that we all face, and nothing more. It should be presented and recognised as such.

Joyce Bumstead via e-mail

Nuts to cuts

SOLIHULL Council are committed to produce a balanced budget to qualify for a Government grant to enable our council tax to be frozen in April - but £1,321 for a Band D is not cheap.

The devil however is in the detail and we have yet to see where the related economies or cuts are going to be made.

We would hope that key services would be protected and savings made by increasing efficiency and cutting waste but are alarmed at proposals to make a very small saving of £12,000 by reducing the hours of the Solihull waste disposal unit at Bickenhill, just at the times when it is most convenient for residents to use.

Instead of weekday opening from 8am to 8pm summer and to 6pm in winter it would reduce to 9-5pm summer and to 4pm in winter.

At weekends it will change to 9-4pm all year round.

This will inconvenience huge numbers of residents and cost them many times the Council’s paltry saving but also lead to more instances of fly tipping around the borough.

For those councillors who say where should the savings come from perhaps they should take a look at the £4 million spend on agency staffing or the £300,000 printing bill. We wouldn’t miss Your Solihull and it would save on the recycling.

The final decisions are still to be taken but this one is just nuts.

Trevor Eames, Secretary -

Solihull Ratepayers Association

Act over housing

I READ last week about the new developments in Dorridge/Bentley Heath that are proposed. What has happened to the idea for affordable housing for older people to downsize or young couples as first time buyers/starter homes?

Figures reveal that the average house price in the borough is £251,000.

This would surely relieve some of the local housing problems which are so visible in our area. Come on councillors, planners and developers, get your thinking cap on.

Name and address supplied

Cost of the badge

LAST week’s ‘Letter of the week’ was on a subject very close to my heart, the disabled blue badge, and its cost.

The increase to the disabled is miniscule, being £10 from a previous £2.

It certainly will not end the mid-week, and weekend nights out when my disabled friends enjoy a night of active dancing, and bingo!

Perhaps the author of the article would care to witness the jollities of the targeted impoverished benefit recipients, and go to social clubs, or perhaps supermarkets, and witness the hard done by people, with not a disability to be evident.

With regards to the “many people hanging around, smoking and drinking”, I also see folk on mobility scooters doing just that. See that in any shopping precinct.

If any organisation needs staff to volunteer to keep the wheels turning, why can’t the above mentioned be ‘encouraged’ to offer service to the very organisations they take benefit from?

The mobility allowance is long overdue for re assement, as is the blue badge allocation. Let’s start now.

Name and address supplied

Tell us how much

It is so very significant that all of the specific detail used by the supporters of the HS2 proposal to get it passed does not include the specific detail of ticket prices. Surely, after all their expertise in calculating other costs they can work out the simple ticket prices or is it just an intentional omission to hide the prohibitive cost to everyone but those with business expense accounts?

The projected benefits are just too good to be true and if they cannot calculate all of the factors including ticket prices then it shows they are NOT in control and should not risk public money in these hard times.

Pete Thorp,Solihull

S-super service

WE can always be at the ready to criticise services that we take for granted but at times it is only right to show some gratitude.

May I commend the drivers of the S2 and S3 bus services for being helpful, polite and having a general good attitude.

They all have this and I thank them for it.

R.Butler, via email

Out of tune

MY wife and I totally agree with your article (Solihull News) buskers have become an environmental nuisance.

They are loud out of tune and obstruct the highway. Very often there are two or three close to each other which creates an almighty din. Yes by all means curb their intolerable nuisance and arrange for the tax office to collect their income tax.

Disgruntled Resident

Watch your words

WITH reference to your story ‘Solihull planning chief slams HS2 as ‘rape of our greenbelt’ I wish to express my unease at the language employed by Councillor Davies.

While most people would agree an informed debate regarding the HS2 project is important both nationally and locally, the use of the word ‘rape’ here is sensationalist and shows a lack of respect and sympathy for those suffering this most horrible of crimes.

By all means debate issues, but please let’s keep this within reasonable bounds and use appropriate language at all times.

D Ewer, Solihull

Soaring costs

NEARLY two years after the first HS2 plans were published, many people can’t comprehend the enormity of the impact on their locality, their environment, and their finances.

Despite saying we’re all in ‘austerity’ together, the Government is still locked into the borrow, waste, and devalue cycle of mismanagement. The total debt of our economy is up there with Japan at five times annual GDP (McKinsey), far worse than the USA and the usual suspects in Europe, but the Government is recruiting dozens of HS2 managers at £60 to £80,000 PA while laying off essential workers.

Don’t expect a turnaround until debt comes down and investment in saleable goods goes up.

The overwhelming need on the railways is to reduce the cost. The average public subsidy per passenger mile is greater than the fuel cost for many cars, and that’s at an operating speed half that of HS2. Only 12 per cent of people use trains, and 1 per cent are expected to use HS2.

If you’re looking for an explanation as to why politicians support HS2, an unflattering one will probably be right.

Richard Lloyd, chairman - Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group



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