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How to Save Money on Home Insurance

For most people, the home that they live in is the most valuable asset they own.

Five Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Spending

Many people find that rigidly sticking to a monthly budget is a very effective way to end up saving money that would have otherwise been spent.

What's on this autumn at Solihull Arts Complex

Autumn 2013 shows at Solihull Arts Complex

Ten October tips for Solihull gardeners

Rake leaves from lawns as they fall, to prevent the grass going yellow.

How do we get our gas and electricity?

When you flip a light switch, you’re probably never surprised that a light comes on.

Keeping Hydrated with Water Dispensers

Good water consumption is essential to survival. Our bodies are made up of mostly water with 85% of our brain, 80% of our blood and 70% of the muscles in our body being made up of it.

Why is the iPhone 4 a must have

Phones aren’t what they used to be. That is, they’re not phones anymore, if you’ve got the right one.

Best places to move to for retirement?

If your retirement is approaching and you find yourself in the enviable position of being able to move to greener pastures then the world literally is your oyster.

Get Tulisa’s look with the Lipsy London range

Not everyone has an A-list budget to shop endlessly, or a personal stylist who’s able to bag expensive freebies.

Why choose a Life Insurance Plan?

Taking out a Life insurance policy can eliminate the great expenses that are normally incurred after one has passed, and with the ever mounting cost of funerals and legal fees it would be very sensible on your part to pay the nominal amounts towards a life insurance policy than to leave your loved ones riddled with expenses and possibly debt.

Get Your News from a Foreign Exchange Forum

Successful trading in any market is based on knowledge, plus some less tangible skills such as the ability to spot trends, act on gut feel, and have the courage of your convictions.

Finding Cheap Laptops This Christmas

People of all ages will consider a laptop the perfect Christmas gift but how can struggling families afford such a large purchase at this time of year?

A Guide to Transatlantic Cruises

Cruises offer passengers the chance to experience luxury and comfort whilst enjoying sights and experiences from across the world.

How Breast Enlargement Can Boost Your Confidence and Your Bust

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery currently offered.

Shower Enclosures: Why Get a Shower?

Few of us have time for a bath each day, which is why showers are becoming increasingly popular.

Share the Workload with a Job Site that Suits You

The challenging UK job market has meant that jobseekers have had to get smarter when applying for vacancies, and many are turning to a job site to help in their search.

Easy Christmas turkey recipes

It might seem as much of a tradition as the mince pies and silly hats, but getting stressed out while making Christmas dinner for the family doesn't have to be a given.

Dubai Holidays - An Exceptional and Unforgettable Experience

Dubai has often been regarded as an exotic holiday destination strictly for the affluent, however now with great deals on flights, hotels and packages, Dubai is becoming an affordable destination for the average UK traveller and is steadily increasing popularity.

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Debden Close in Dorridge, Solihull.

Extended Dorridge home with lots of space

Double fronted bungalow in Coleshill Heath Road, Birmingham.

Coleshill Heath Road bungalow is easy on the eyes

Evenson Court in Dorridge, Solihull

Evenson Court in Station Road

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