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Why is the iPhone 4 a must have

Phones aren’t what they used to be. That is, they’re not phones anymore, if you’ve got the right one.

Phones aren’t what they used to be. That is, they’re not phones anymore, if you’ve got the right one. Any mobile worth its place in your pocket these days is so much more than a portable calling device, giving you access to email, the internet, GPS and advanced gaming, all at the press of a button, or the touch of a screen. But despite the smartphone revolution spawning the release of a whole new generation of handsets from a host of manufacturers, Apple, and its latest iteration handset the iPhone 4S, remains the must-have mobile in the marketplace. With some great iPhone 4 deals available online at the moment, why not take a look…


When it comes to style, there is simply no handset to beat the iPhone 4S, with its sleek curves, aluminium casing and laser cut glass front and back, it’s a beautiful piece of work. But unlike some Apple products, which have been accused of sacrificing substance for style, the 4S is also one of the most technologically advance handsets around.


Looks can be deceiving, and while the iPhone might look delicate on the outside, it’s actually pretty hard-wearing. Its glass covering is scratch and fingerprint proof and will stand up to standard wear-and-tear more than many standard mobile phone screens. Combine that with a dazzling 326ppi retina display, and you’ve got a great piece of kit.

Likewise, the problems that the iPhone 4 faced with aerial failure have been eradicated with a new dual-band aerial design. Overall, it’s a pretty hardy beast, not overly large (9.3mm thick) and at 140g it’s not super-light but feels good in your hand.


Put simply, one thing Apple know better than most is how to create a simple user experience, and the iPhone 4S, with the latest iteration i0S5 operating system, offers a hassle-free system that’s irresistibly easy to use. Whether you are calling, texting or writing email, navigation is uniform, and the touch-screen keyboard is still more responsive that earlier versions of the iPhone. Plus the simple touch-screen commands and controls make surfing the internet much more pleasurable than on other smartphones. With up to 200 hours battery life on standby, it answers all questions on battery life too.


Perhaps the most famous piece of technological kit in the 4S is Siri, the voice-control system, which enables you to make calls, find restaurants, and solve mind-bending puzzles simply using your voice. But there are some other advances worth noting. The 8Mp camera now shoots 1080p video, making this a digital camera to be reckoned with, while the processor that powers all this is now the same as you’ll find in the iPad 2.


With over 500,000 apps available to download covering every possible need and want imaginable, the appstore is where iPhone 4S really takes the giant leap beyond it’s rival. No other smartphone has that sort of capability at its disposal. So there really is no reason to buy anything else.



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
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Multimedia Journalist
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