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Share the Workload with a Job Site that Suits You

The challenging UK job market has meant that jobseekers have had to get smarter when applying for vacancies, and many are turning to a job site to help in their search.

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The challenging UK job market has meant that jobseekers have had to get smarter when applying for vacancies, and many are turning to a job site to help in their search.

Despite the doom and gloom, figures from, based on analysis of recruiter and jobseeker activity, found that sales, customer services, IT and retail sectors were among those that led the employment market recovery in 2010.

Competition for these places also grew, with record numbers of people returning to the job market. There were 20 applications per job and graduate job applications were at an all-time high with an average of 70 per job in November 2010.

When you think about how many people are looking for employment, the task of securing an interview can seem a daunting prospect but with some hard work and the right preparation, your next job could be within reach.

Talking toasters on one of’s recent ads emphasised that getting a job isn’t about luck, it’s about how you write your CV, prepare for applications and use the tools on job sites to maximise your chances.

Looking for jobs online gives you the ability to search for vacancies at your doorstep. It’s also a lot quicker; all that valuable time you might have spent hand delivering CVs to employers can be used more efficiently.

If IT jobs are your top priority, you can tailor your search to find only the positions that suit your circumstances. By narrowing it down to niche vacancies, you can halve the time spent trawling through jobs of no interest to you and focus in more on specific sectors.

You can even save yourself time searching for current vacancies yourself by receiving instant job alerts by email when a suitable vacancy is posted. Job sites use superior matching technology to send the right jobs straight to your inbox and can also send alerts to your mobile.

Using one of these sites is not just a quick way of accessing current vacancies; it means you will be ahead of the game and one of the first to apply for the job that’s only been advertised that morning.

It is often a good idea to search county-wide rather than limit your search to one town or city. Why not widen your search for sales jobs, if this is the career path you are interested in, to other areas of the country? By broadening your search, you could come across a job you hadn’t considered before.

There are also other features that will help boost your chances and improve your applications. You can store a CV and covering letter on job sites, making applications quicker and more efficient.

Uploading your CV will get your name out to employers on the hunt for new recruits. Employers regularly search jobseeker profiles so it is well worth taking advantage of this facility if you can.

Employers may only scan your CV for 10 seconds, so having your skills and experience laid out clearly will improve the chances of them taking a closer look. Many job sites offer a CV checking service too so you can be confident your CV is as good as possible when you send it out.

Once applications are made, a record of all the positions applied for is kept so you won’t lose track. With the ease of making applications on some of these job sites, it can be easy to forget what you’ve already applied for so this is a very handy tool.

Job hunting is a full-time job in itself and is tedious at the best of times, but with a little help from job sites to point you in the right direction, you’re in with a good chance of finding what you’re looking for.



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