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Pools free of ice and weights starting to improve

TUNNEL Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warwickshire. Tel: 01926 842975 (

TUNNEL Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warwickshire. Tel: 01926 842975 (

All pools are now free of ice and weights are starting to improve, with roach, perch, bream and f1 carp starting to feed. Maggot and pellet have been the best baits.

Top Pool:

Roach, perch and bream on all pegs to maggot. Some carp to pellet.

Bottom Pool

Big carp have just started to move with bread/corn fished hard on the bottom by the islands. Lots of silverfish and f1 carp on pole lines.

House Pool:

Lots of roach, bream and carp on pellet or maggot at 9-12mtrs. Cage feeder using dead maggot to the islands for some better fish.

House 2/Extension Pool:

Again, the fish are feeding on long pole line with double figured bags of silverfish to maggot. Pellet for f1 carp.

New Pool:

Some chub on pegs 21-35. Lots of roach, perch, bream and the odd tench to maggot. F1 carp on pellet at 9-11mtrs.

Canal Pool:

Red maggot producing lots of f1 and f2 carp, common carp, rub and the odd tench and barble at 10mtrs and against the island.

Club Pool:

Pellet best for f1 and f2 carp, bream and the odd tench. Maggot for roach and perch. Fish at 6 and 14mtrs against the island.

Results for Open Contests:

Monday, January 18 – Top Pool – 19 pegs:

1 Dave Armstrong (Jetbreakers) 14–2-0 peg 5

2 Brian Edwards (Youngs MG TBF) 12–8–0 peg 14

3 Dave Chapman (White Heart Coventry) 9–13–0 peg 26

3 John Berry (White Heart Coventry) 8–11–0 peg 24

5 Steven Birch (Northfield) 8–0–0 peg 21

6 Alan Gibb (Youngs MG TBF) 5–14–0 peg 31

Thursday, January 21 – House Pool – 20 pegs:

1 Mike Marshall (Youngs TBF) 13 –2-0 peg 29

2 Stan Stone (Derby) 11–0–0 peg 16

3 Graham Young (Youngs TBF) 10–4–0 peg 27

3 Rob Swain (Tackle Box) 9–14–0 peg 33

5 Dave James (Ashby) 9–0–0 peg 4

6 Kevin Keasey (Tunnel Barn Farm Vets) 6–0–0 peg 7

Saturday, January 23 – Winter League 6the round – House, New, Extension, Top and Club Pools – 80 pegs:

1 Craig Elkin (Barston) 106–4-0 peg C 17

2 Adam Wakelin (Barston) 72–14–0 peg T33

3 Pete Caton (Dynamite Baits) 52–6–0 peg E21

3 Des Shipp (Daiwa Dorking) 49–13–0 peg E7

5 Jake Robinson (Maver Midlands/Pickering/Garbolino/Bagem Baits) 49–9–0 peg T31

6 Rob Perkins (Bait Tech) 43–8–0 peg E22

Sunday, January 24 - Top and Extension Pools - 33 pegs:

1 Tony Ainsworth (Mid City) 63–11-0 peg E 38

2 Stu Palsar (Shakespeare) 56–2–0 peg T33

3 Gary Ainsworth (Mid City) 50–0–0 peg E9

4 Wayne Ainsworth (Mid City) 47–6–0 peg E25

5 Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford) 40–15–0 peg E1

6 Ken Ashton (Baileys of Warwick) 40–3–0 peg E23

Until next week – Tight Lines – Ray the Fish.



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