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Children's TV presenter cooks up 23-date tour

CHILDREN’S presenter Katy Ashworth got her big break with CBeebies show I Can Cook.

CHILDREN’S presenter Katy Ashworth got her big break with CBeebies show I Can Cook.

But it turns out that she started performing many years earlier, making TV specials in her parents’ loft.

“One Christmas they bought me this cheap video camera and I went up there to start making programmes,” says Katy.

“I’d make these cookery shows and dances shows up there and I’ve ended up doing it for real.”

Katy first fell into children’s entertainment as a teenager, when an advert caught her eye.

“It was when I was in the sixth-form and they were offering £20 an hour for children’s parties. When you’re at college, that’s big bucks.

“To be honest I’ve always found it easier to entertain audiences of children than adults - they just love physical comedy.”

And next month, Katy is starting a 23-date tour, with her first performance at Solihull Arts Complex.

“TV and theatre are so very different.

“On stage you get an instant reaction from your audience,” explains Katy.

But away from the stage and screen, does she often get recognised by her young fans?

“When I’m walking down the street, there’s a lot of calls of ‘I’ve seen you on the telly’.

“I used to say ‘Have you?’ - but that’s a bit boring. Now I tend to say ‘And I’ve seen you watching’.

“But some people don’t know it’s me because I don’t dress as girly in real life. I’m a bit more scruffy.”

Katy’s Meet, Greet and Play Roadshow is on September 3, at 11am and 2.30pm. Tickets on 0121 704 6962.



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