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Dirty Projectors, Victor Herrero (with Alex Neilson), Taylor Johns, Coventry

IT was a captivating night at the subterrenean world of Taylor Johns.

IT was a captivating night at the subterrenean world of Taylor Johns.

With economic woes never far away from the headlines, at times it can feel like the end of the world, and Victor Herrero played classical guitar like it was.

It was a mesmeric performance, Herrero being utterly consumed by his music. He was joined by Alex Neilson who somehow matched Herrero’s guitar with astonishing innovation on the drums.

Dirty Projectors are the product of Dave Longstreth, a former Yale University music composition whose unique band tred the difficult path of being experiemental and yet accesible.

Longstreth himself is an forebearing figure, tall and sincere, soaring vocals backed by an almost angelic choir of two female bandmembers.

Their music is unpredictable, too harminious to be unsettling, but nonetheless close to an unseen, almost dangerous edge. It feels like a dream that threatens to become a nightmare.

At the end of their set Longstreth delivers his assessment. “Very good, very very good,” he says. The crowds laughs at his playful arrogance, but there is no disputing he’s absolutely right.



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