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Doctor Who Exhibition, Coventry Transport Museum

CHANCES are that the children are less than happy about the return to school.

CHANCES are that the children are less than happy about the return to school.

But send them to Coventry and they’re bound to come back beaming. The reason is tucked away in the city’s Transport Museum - although surprisingly it has nothing to do with transport. For the past few months, one of Britain’s great institutions has been holding court in the building.

The Doctor Who collection is one of several being displayed around the country - with the props and costumes being divided between the venues. With similar events taking place in places like Glasgow and Blackpool, you might worry that the BBC is spreading its biggest moneyspinner too thin.

No chance. Just like the Tardis, the exhibition is bigger on the inside and there’s a healthy number of authentic exhibits. A full-scale model of the famous time machine is positioned near the entrance and inside there’s a whole parade of monsters - which visitors will recognise from the TV series. Sontarans, Sycorax and Slitheen - they’re all on show.

But parents hoping to cure their nervous youngsters of their fears should take care. While most of the collection keeps still, there’s some great animatronics towards the end. If the sight of a screeching Dalek doesn’t take your youngsters’ mind off school, then nothing will.

The Doctor Who exhibition is set to run for a couple more weeks yet. Go to to find out more.



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