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Ezio proving to be best for Blair

FOLK band Ezio had mixed feelings when they were outed as one of Tony Blair’s favourite bands.

FOLK band Ezio had mixed feelings when they were outed as one of Tony Blair’s favourite bands.

Ahead of a live-show in the borough this month, the Solihull News speaks to their frontman Ezio Lunedei.

We ask about the former Prime Minister name-dropping the band during an interview on Desert Island Discs.

“We were an underground band at the time and I think there was a sense he was trying to sound with-it,” the singer explains.

“The trouble was that it made us a news story and I don’t think many people listened to our music as a result.”

And has Ezio had the chance to meet his most famous fan?

“I haven’t cultivated a friendship with him,” he laughs, “But if he ever wants to come to a gig...

“Actually, we did have the old Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, he came to one of our shows.

“I don’t know why he was there, he just turned up at this village hall - it was bizarre.”

The band formed 21 years ago, when Ezio met Kenyan-born guitarist Booga - they’ve been gigging together ever since.

“Live shows are why I do the job, I suppose we make records as a by-product of that.

“The key is not to go in with a set-list of songs, you need to shake it up, make it different.”

Over the years, the band have gained a big following in countries such as Germany.

“What you’ve got to understand is that to them, we’re exotic - that gives us an advantage over their local groups.”

Since starting out in 1990, Ezio says he has seen the music industry change - not all for the better.

“It doesn’t bother me, it’s just the way it is. But I do think that music itself has been degraded,” he explains.

“People swap their entire collection on their iPods, record shops are closing and no-one’s interested in albums - it’s one song at a time.”

See them at Solihull Arts Complex on February 16. Tickets 0121 704 6962.



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