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“It’s a stupid film...”

The latest Brit horror/comedy film to arrive at cinemas is the snappily titled ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’.

The latest Brit horror/comedy film to arrive at cinemas is the snappily titled ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’.

Co-writer, Solihull’s Paul Hupfield, tells Simeon Bright why it was all a stupid idea in the first place.

NO doubt it is the dream of many a teenage schoolboy to one day make a film that you and your mates would love.

To have the funniest comedy duo of the moment star in it would make a dream come true.

Then for the film to be called ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’ and you’re pretty much in heaven territory.

This is the reality, however, for former Langley School pupil Paul Hupfield.

“I sat down in the pub with Stew [co-writer Stewart Williams] and we thought ‘what’s going make fifteen-year-olds go out and rent a film?’,” Paul said.

This was at a time when they thought they were pitching a film to the Welsh Film Board with a budget of £50,000 that would go straight to DVD.

“It turned out that the woman who had the connection with the Welsh Film Board was in fact a lunatic,” Paul said. He and co-writer Stewart left the project, where it remained in ‘development hell’, which ironically saved the whole film.

During this time various financers became involved, the film’s budget sky-rocketed, and Matthew Horne and James Corden, stars of ‘Gavin and Stacey’, and more recently their own sketch show became attracted to it.

Even Russell Brand auditioned for a role. “We knew him back in the day, when he was a major heroin addict...although we didn’t know him because of that!”

Paul and Stewart got back on board and now they can see their name plastered on film posters up and down the county. (“It’s only small but it’s there,” Paul jokes.)

Paul’s parents used to own ‘Movie Zone’ on Dovehouse Parade, and Paul worked there, under the guidance of his father developing his love of film.

A Langley School teacher also played a big part in influencing Paul. “Terry Clark...Mr Clark, he was a PE teacher who then went into drama, he was a big influence for me.”

Remaining in Solihull until his mid-twenties, Paul then moved down to London, working for MTV. He worked on the development of ‘Dirty Sanchez’ and ‘Balls of Steel’ before taking the opportunity to co-write LVK.

Paul recognises that the film isn’t exactly high-brow, but thinks there is a place in cinemas for films such as LVK.

“I find so much of British film output to be depressing, I think we should be prepared to embrace entertaining films.”

With a name like Lesbian Vampire Killers, you can’t really go to see it and expect anything more than the title suggests. It might make you jump, it should make you laugh and more than anything you will be entertained.

Paul sums it up well. “It’s just a stupid film...a silly piece of escapism that by sheer luck has two of the hottest properties in comedy in it.”

Lesbian Vampire Killers comes out today (March 20).



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