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Kirsty’s encounter of the monstrous kind

THE creepy creatures from 1950s B Movies inspired one artist’s new exhibition.

THE creepy creatures from 1950s B Movies inspired one artist’s new exhibition.

Since last week, the Solihull Arts Complex gallery has been hung with various works by Kirsty Smith - who recently showed off her creations down in London.

Close Encounters of a Frillip Moolog Kind - to give the exhibition its full and colourful title - features an array of sculptures.

While there is indeed something slightly extraterrestrial about the artwork, the materials that make these “beings” come from rather closer to home.

Kirsty regularly makes visits to the rag market or scrapyard to collect her materials.

As she shows the Solihull News around the exhibits, it’s clear that anything from a biscuit tin to pigeon feathers could be worked into a piece.

“In someways I’ve come full circle,” says the Lichfield artist. “I used to study in the library when I was training to be an accountant and now I’ve come back here and I’m just next door exhibiting as an artist. It’s a bit strange really.”

A big part of the Close Encounters show is to draw in people who wouldn’t normally visit art galleries.

“We’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible. The signs I’ve written to go with the pieces are written in ordinary English and not artistic jargon.”

But just where does the show get its name?

“When people see these sculptures then it might trigger a memory or remind them of something. Those responses come from somewhere in the sub conscious and I call that place Frillip Moolog. Although not everyone gets it.”

The show will continue at Solihull Arts Complex until November 14.



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