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Former escort bares all in new stand up show

The Coin-Operated Girl is showing at Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham on October 5.

 Miranda Kane
Miranda Kane

A FORMER escort is baring all in her new stand-up show The Coin-Operated Girl, as part of the Birmingham Comedy Festival.

But if you’re expecting a steamy evening think again, as Miranda Kane says many of her experiences were more amusing than amorous.

“Sex is one of the funniest things two people can do together,” she tells the Solihull News. “It is fun, it is silly, it’s ridiculous and it makes great comedy.”

Miranda spent seven years working as a 25st hooker, earning £2,000 a night, before giving it up because she wanted to lose weight.

“It was a bit of a revelation to me that men wanted to have sex with me. I enjoy having sex and I think it’s fine to enjoy sex.

“I needed a bit of extra money and discovered it on the internet one day. I became an independent escort, I set up my own website and became a businesswoman. I learnt how to build a business, market myself.”

And the comedian reveals it had “opened her eyes” to the sheer variety of weird and wonderful fantasies hidden away within the most buttoned-up Brit.

“I used to get so many strange requests. I got one guy that wanted to be a peeping tom and just watch me get ready for an appointment.

“It opened my eyes, men being able to explore their fantasies.

“We’re a very fine line away from seeing it.

“We don’t tend to talk about what our fantasies are. I try to use the show as a little trigger.”

Now 32, Miranda decided to leave the industry to go into comedy a couple of years ago, but admits her first stand-up gig had been far tougher than dealing with her first ‘client’.

“You have a room of 65 people you’re letting down, not just one,” she says.

Although it was a “long, long, long, long time” before she told her ‘bohemian’ family about her unusual career, Miranda has decided to share her experiences with the world, not only to get a laugh but try and break the stigma around sex workers.

“They’re not all trafficked, mindless beings or sat there lounging around, sat on a chaise lounge being fed grapes.

“They could be women that live down your street, women you could find shopping in Tesco’s. You can’t spot an escort walking down the street.

“It’s normal women.We have a right to work because we want to, not because we’re forced to.”

The Coin-Operated Girl is showing at Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham on October 5.



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