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Mixing it up in the melting pot

“We’ve collaborated with samba bands, rappers, dhol groups, gamelan ensembles and educational projects.

“We’ve collaborated with samba bands, rappers, dhol groups, gamelan ensembles and educational projects. We’ve written and performed scores for silent movies and staged a musical about a magic bird of peace whose sweet song echoes through the forest.”

That’s how The Destroyers describe themselves. The Birmingham band assuming the role as the kitchen blender of the musical scene. Take some Gypsy folk, throw in a bit of West African spice, add a Balkan inclination and just fun add a little bit China...and...yeah why not some Cetic trad as well. Anything else you can pick up from world music? Throw it in.

Mix it all up and what comes out? “A seance between Mars and Venus where only the dead don’t dance,” says Paul Murphy.

The Destroyers live performances are verging on the legendary around the Midlands, and increasingly the country. The energy, the musicianship and the smack-in-the-face quality of seeing a live band, unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed has all had reviewers struggling to put into words what they have seen and heard.

Recent single ‘Out of Babel’ is written by Paul and takes its cue from the biblical story of the Tower of Babel where languages were created to diversify humanity.

“Music is a unifying voice - without being too grandious - music is joy and energy and makes people dance,” Paul says, referring to the band as a “melting pot”.

Most of the band met at Birmingham Conservatoire, so there’s no doubting their talent. Taking Birmingham as their home, they developed much of their sound in a cellar in shared house.

Recognised as one of Birmingham’s key contemporary musical assets, they have been invited to play at Town Hall’s 175th anniversary, but with so many influences, is there anything uniquely ‘Birmingham’ to their sound?

“Well, I came here in ’71,” says Paul. “I never wished to stay, but the city is full of people who came here and never intended to stay!”

“Out of Babel is about Birmingham and its many tongues - there is something unique about the city.”

And what of the future?

“It is changing,” he says. “What I see mirrors the last major DIY movement - the punk movement - people are no longer dependant on record labels, they have the technology to do it themselves.”

And that is exactly what The Destroyers have done.

The band has a number of festival commitments over the Summer before playing the Town Hall in October. Don’t miss them.



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