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Poet Dennis gives life to the written word on latest tour

POET Felix Dennis has launched himself on a fresh tour – bringing his verse to venues around the country.

POET Felix Dennis has launched himself on a fresh tour – bringing his verse to venues around the country.

The Solihull News grabbed 20 minutes with the wordsmith to talk about what’s in store: “Poetry is really the oldest form of art,” he says. “There’s a great oral tradition, dating back to tribal elders reciting to the younger members of the tribe.

“That’s where all poetry has evolved from, and I think that it does benefit from being read aloud.

“For those that can’t come, I put a CD in my books, so they can put it in an iPod, and pretend to be there if they like.”

This is the fourth time that Felix has taken his poems on tour – with music and plasma screens to accompany the words.

“This isn’t your quiet poetry reading, with four people sat at the back of the library,” he laughs

Already a publishing mogul, Felix began writing in 2001, after recovering from a serious illness.

His latest anthology, ‘Tales From The Woods,’ pays homage to one of Felix’s other loves – the English countryside. Originally I was just going put a few poems together for the Tree Council, but my publisher saw what I was doing, the project grew, and suddenly it’s ended up as a hardback anthology.”

And Felix, who lives in Warwickshire, has no plans to put down his pen – he insists on writing for several hours a day.

“It’s the only thing I know where you can totally lose yourself. I’ll sit down to work on a poem, and look up at the clock and two or three hours will have gone by.

“I do think you have to feel passionate about something to write poetry about it.

“If something isn’t engaging me I take it, and file it in a folder called poems in progress – I’ve never opened it!”

Felix Dennis’s Did I Mention The Free Wine? poetry tour will be at the Glee Club on October 18.

To book tickets or for information on other venues, go to



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