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Shapes, Calories and Tubelord at The Island Bar, Suffolk Street

APPARENTLY Tubelord must be talked about it a bit more than I first thought.

APPARENTLY Tubelord must be talked about it a bit more than I first thought. The upstairs of The Island Bar (which admittedly isn’t the biggest anyway) is crammed full of gig-goers eager to gaze into ‘the future’.

Although, perhaps this is to disrespect both Shapes and Calories, two bands who are growing in stature with every gig. No doubt a few of the people here with nice haircuts are here to support them.

Personally, I was interested to see local boys Calories again, playing on their first birthday (and, sweetly, even had ‘happy birthday’ sung to them). They’ve come on leaps and bounds since I last saw them. ‘Adventuring’ really is a cracking little pop song.

Shapes are by some margin less accessible, although they do intrigue enough to warrant a second listen.

They seem to think that this probably wasn’t their bill, but they are being far too modest - they deserve to be here playing here with two other bands who will go on and (hopefully) produce some interesting, original music. Shapes have that in common with Calories and Tubelord, if nothing else.

Tubelord are the final three-piece on and they crack through a set bristling with a vibrancy that demands unwavering attention.

As they close, it seems almost a little short, but I suppose every good live band should leave you wanting more come the end. It’s testament to their instant appeal that when I got home, the only thing I wanted to do was listen to them again.

All in all Brummie promoters This Is Tomorrow once again excelled themselves by putting on an excellent mix of new local and national talent.



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Multimedia Journalist
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