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Testimony from terrorists in play

THE CRESCENT Theatre’s mini-season on Terrorism comes to an end this April.

THE CRESCENT Theatre’s mini-season on Terrorism comes to an end this April.

Robin Soans’ ‘Talking to Terrorists’ follows hot on the heels of ‘The Bus’ and ‘Terrorism’, and marks the final production in the triple bill.

Soans’ play is a piece of so-called ‘verbatim theatre’, meaning all the words are reported speech, quotes from real life individuals, that in the instance includes perpetrators of terrorism, and the victims of it.

It has received rave reviews, with The Telegraph’s Charles Spencer saying: “I will be astonished if the years turns up a more important, illuminating or moving play”.

Jon Whittell, from Solihull, plays the role of former Conservative MP Norman Tebbit, whose wife was injured in an IRA bomb explosion.

John found the taboo subject matter not only to be exciting, but also necessarily important.

“Terrorism is a subject that everyone has a well entrenched view on but no-one wants to talk about,” he said. It’s the modern day ‘sex’ or ‘death’ of some years ago and therefore needs to be outed!”

Director Kerry Murdock explains what attracted her to the piece. “In this modern society wherever we look we’re bombarded with spin.

“Celebrities are coached and word perfect, their newspaper columns are written by other people, politicians only appear to answer the question they wish the interviewer had asked.

“It’s hard to know what the simple truth is…

“The amazing thing about Talking to Terrorists is that the script is made up from real interviews and the words spoken by the actors are the actual words spoken by the interviewees.

“We hear real people telling us about their involvement in terrorism. We may not like what they have to say – but at least by giving them a voice we can present an honest truth.”

Talking to Terrorists runs from Friday April 3 to Saturday April 11 at the Crescent Theatre in Brindleyplace.

To book tickets call 0121 643 5858 or go to



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