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Urban audience for comedy gig

ATTEMPTING to find our way to a parking space near the venue we ended up taking a wrong turning in the city centre.

ATTEMPTING to find our way to a parking space near the venue we ended up taking a wrong turning in the city centre.

“Maybe just round this corner,” my friend suggested, pointing out a turning up ahead. Following his directions, and aware that we only had minutes to spare before the comedy began, I zipped round the bend, hoping to discover a parking space, or even a way out of the maze we’d found ourselves in. Instead I slammed on the brakes.

It wasn’t a turning at all, it was an entrance to some flats, and I’d managed to stop inches before careering into Aston Villa defender Zat Knight.

“Crikey, I think that’s Zat Knight,” I said.

A visibly shaken young man stared back at us.

I’ve always thought Zat Knight would make a great interviewee. He’s originally from Solihull, playing for Walsall side Rushall Olympic, then going to Fulham, who paid for his transfer with 30 Adidas tracksuits, before ending up at Aston Villa, his boyhood heroes.

Now, here he was, a mere bonnet’s length away from me, face frozen in terror.

“I should probably interview him,” I said.

“Maybe we should find somewhere to park,” my friend suggested.

As it turned out Mr Knight, having narrowly avoided being run over, was also heading to the Real Deal Comedy Jam. His name was mentioned in hushed whispers by mirth seekers filing into the venue.

And people did laugh at this showcase of urban comedy. It was all very quick-fire, with music, occasional dry ice, and some jazzy lights.

Four comedians took to the stage (not all at the same time), interspersed with the host Kojo. He’s been on The Tweenies you know.

None of the comedy was particularly groundbreaking, or especially original, which you might expect from a new genre. Instead the focus was on bringing stand-up to a new, more ‘urban’ audience that wouldn’t normally consider going to stand-up.

In that respect we probably weren’t the target audience, but maybe if you think comedy nights aren’t quite your ‘thing’ then you might enjoy it. Just keep an eye out for any Premiership footballers on the way.



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