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This summer, Cadbury World is launching a new zone: Advertising Avenue.

This summer, Cadbury World is launching a new zone: Advertising Avenue.

Take a nostalgic and retro walk through time in the life-size chocolate street, taking a peek through the windows along the way.

See the adverts you grew up with and the adverts your great grandparents grew up with. Relive the delights only the Cadbury name can bring from beautifully designed posters from the turn of last century to Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Made to look and feel like chocolate, you’ll walk through a wall of melted chocolate into our Avenue.

Follow the road and pass through different architectural styles (John Cadbury began grinding cocoa nibs to form and sell drinking chocolate in Birmingham’s Bull Street in 1831 so we had to start somewhere!).

Walking past trees made of chocolate, the buildings become more modern in style as you progress.

Walk across the bridge to see the chocolate surfer from Australia, play the Milk Tray game to see if you can race your car and boat to the waiting lady, and see the original ‘double act’ Wispa adverts from the 1980s.

Watch how nearly 50 years of Flake advertising has developed – there’s been a Flake girl for every era - sing along to jingles you thought you’d forgotten and smile as sweet memories come flooding back.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can remember.

At the end of Advertising Avenue enter the Music Shop and make sure you select a track from our Cadbury DJ and see “what is in the air tonight!” ….you’ll find a certain ape (drum sticks in hand) who has been waiting for this moment all his life.

In addition to the new zone, don’t forget to explore the rest of Cadbury World with free Cadbury samples along the way. At Cadbury World you’ll also find the world’s biggest Cadbury shop, a play area and assorted entertainments.

With 14 amazing zones, Cadbury World really is a fantastic day out for people of all ages.



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Multimedia Journalist
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Multimedia Journalist
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