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If you want to get ahead, get a Ukelele, says Joe

CHIRPY singer Joe Brown had some advice for me – “get a Ukelele.”

CHIRPY singer Joe Brown had some advice for me – “get a Ukelele.”

“Seriously mate, you won’t regret it,” he says, during our chat about his up-and-coming tour.

It turns out that the rock and roll artist is a real champion of the four-stringed instrument – which features heavily in his new show.

“When people think of Ukeleles they often think of [comedian] George Formby,” admits Joe, “but it’s very versatile.

“There’s been some talk about putting Ukes into schools, and finally getting rid of that bloody recorder they give to kids. I mean what can you do with a recorder? Just stand there and spit.” And if anyone knows his instruments it’s this musician – now aged 70, he’s been touring for over five decades. For his latest show he’s visiting over 40 venues – many of which he’s played before, not that he necessarily remembers.

“I go to many of these theatres every year, and I struggle to place them until I get there,” he says.

“Usually it’s the guys carrying the equipment who tend to remember first. ‘Oh this is the one with 13 flights of stairs’.”

Despite landing his first hit in 1959, the musician says it’s important to keep coming up with new songs.

“You’ve got to keep moving forward, what I don’t want to do is get stuck in that nostalgia rut. I love to work on new material, but it’s about finding the right concept.”

q Joe Brown comes to Birmingham Town Hall on February 25. For tickets call 0121 770 3333.



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